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The pool can provide hours of entertainment during the swimming time, it also calls for persistent maintenance and care throughout the year. A swimming pool cover can help reduce maintenance, time and monetary expenses.

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1. A pool cover will save your hours cleaning the pool

Swimming pool covers are very effective in keeping the leaves and garbage out of the swimming pool, some more than others. Some types of cover are specifically designed for this purpose, such as "leaves and debris" cover.

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It covers can be put in place by the end of the swimming season and remained there during the winter, constantly keeping the pool clean and save hours of time cleaning the owner.

2. A pool cover can extend the swimming season by heating the pool

A solar blanket is also very good to give and preserve warmth in the pool. Solar blanket cover can increase the temperature of the pool up to 8 degrees Celsius.

3. Pool blankets are good for the environment

Solar pool blankets can save up to 97% of water evaporation losses. It is then greatly reduced the need to top up the pool during the year. This means that an owner does not draw water from the city supply or harvested rainwater stored in tanks to top up the water lost through evaporation

Pool Covers – Save Your Time, Money and the Environment