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Porteus is indeed one of the fastest Linux distros on the entire Linux Universe, PERIOD. On a modern-day computing machine, it’ll run in a snap of a finger, performance promptness that you’ve always wanted to have on your PC. Porteus now boasts a kiosk version, with minimal system requirements fully accessible. For new users who’re a lightweight enthusiast, you can try it out and setting-up your next customer-focused project for its 300 MB size. With the 64-bit system of Porteus, it can fully utilize all the resources of any modern machine, e.g., laptops or desktops from a separate, portable storage or USB stick. You can install Porteus using a USB flash drive with the help of software like Rufus. You can download Rufus from the link below.

Porteus Linux

Letting your CPU and memory run seamlessly with an elegant and fully featured KDE4 desktop! Its 32-bit edition of Porteus also runs on both new and old systems. Where you can witness and check how quick and compatible even to an older operating system can be. It started as a community pet remix project of Slax and is indeed cut to be included in the lightweight division, as LXDE proves an alternative desktop interface. After all, it’s based on Slackware Linux. Its key features are having a browser customized to have minimum risk and absolute security as you boot up the OS, it automatically opens yet restricts users from tweaking the settings or downloading any software packages, doesn’t even allow any passwords to be saved. As firefox is rebooted, all cookies or cache are squeaky clean leaving no historical records for another safe browsing session.

Porteus Linux Complete Review
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