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Ranitidine is identified as another name of Zantac. It works by jamming the histamine receptors at the upper covering of the stomach. It is specifically prescribed to cure the problem of peptic ulcers, or gastric reflux present in the stomach.

According to Onder Law Firm for ranitidine cancer lawsuit, you can see that millions of people are suffering from the disease of hypertension and it increases day by day. Blood pressure is the force that is pulled against the walls of the artery. When the pressure becomes too high, as a result of it, this becomes the reason for the hard work of the heart and leads to the problem of a heart attack.


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Also, a study shows that the effects of hypertension increased in patients who have previously the problem of high blood pressure. However, another study also describes the fact that ranitidine effects on the patient those have a lower level of blood pressure.

Many patients who are suffering from hypertension actually think about the fact that when we take Zantac or ranitidine then how it influences their high blood pressure. Another side of ranitidine is that it gives the confirmation of the chances of lowering the heart rate. If this happens then the heart rate may be too slow to meet the requirements of the body.

If you have chances of high blood pressure and take the ranitidine or Zantac medication, then the best thing you can do is to examine your blood pressure after having it and direct consult your doctor and tell them about the considerable changes in the readings.

Ranitidine and High Blood Pressure
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