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There are several typical problems that occur in some women who have had breast augmentation surgery. Some issues are more serious than others, so it is wise to follow a reputable plastic surgeon adviseĀ about when to undergo the corrective procedure. These following indications may make it necessary to remove breast implants.

Ruptures can be caused by a physical trauma, general aging of the material, material defect, or an accidental puncture during the surgery itself. You can also look for the best and reputable breast implant removal surgeon in Dallas for breast removal surgery.

Breast implant complications: Common problems, risks, and symptoms

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Both silicone and saline implants can breakdown over time, causing the silicone gel or saltwater solution to form small teardrop formations in the implant’s shell. Ruptures or leaks can cause noticeable deflation in the affected breast.

Calcium deposits can form around the implant making it almost impossible to tell the difference in cancerous lumps through mammography. Sometimes women must undergo removal of implants in order to determine whether or not cancer lumps are present.

Some individuals may experience various reactions to saline or silicone materials such as continued infections and bleeding. Necrosis or dead tissue can occur around the implant which causes the surgical area not to heal properly.

Breast cancer can also result from the use of implants. Cancer can be attributed to a number of things related to the procedure. Implants can make it harder to detect cancerous tumors and lumps through mammography.

Exposure to the synthetic materials used in especially silicone implants have been cited as contributing to cancer in some women.

Reasons For Breast Implant Removal