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Rechargeable batteries are great, they have cut us loose from the power cord and given us the freedom to use our battery powered appliances pretty much anywhere we want. This includes our cell phones, iPods, battery tools and on and on.

But these batteries have a limited life span, not the life span after recharging it; I'm talking about the true useful life of the battery. You can purchase such batteries online via

Depending on who the manufacturer is, you can get up to 1000 charges and discharge cycles. This depends on factors of how rough the use is, have they been recharged properly and the temperatures in the local environment. Many times it's the charger that goes bad but the user thinks the battery is bad.

If you have a smart charger you are better off, it will sense the temperature of the battery and stop charging to prevent damaging your battery. In addition, it will know when your battery is fully charged and shut off to prevent overcharging damage.

As the battery gets older it will start to hold less of a charge till it won’t hold a charge at all. It is at this point that they get thrown out. If you learn to recondition them, you can continue to use your battery much longer.

You can be saving yourself from having to buy new batteries and you can help out your family and friends as well. Many people have found they can make some extra money by setting up a side business of reconditioning batteries for a fee.

Recondition Your Batteries Instead of Throwing Them Out