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Some home plumbing maintenance tasks are best entrusted to experts – considering your sump pump in preparation for the spring rains, for example. 

Rather than trying to judge the health of your pump yourself, it is wise to have a professional residential plumbing in Detroit service do it for you, as explained below. But first, let's examine why residential plumbing services install sump pumps in the first place.

The basic objective of a sump pump is to collect and pump the excess water to a secluded area away from buildings. 

Very often, home plumbing pumps water directly to collectors of municipal stormwater. Typically, these pumps manage groundwater; as such, they are common in areas where the local water table is higher than the house foundations. These areas are particularly prone to basement flooding during heavy spring rains.

Why do the owners worry about standing water? Well, the first reason is related to health. Standing water encourages the growth of mold, which are known to cause health problems over time. 

Studies have found a link between damp basements and respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma. In addition, people who are exposed to allergens in their childhoods are generally more sensitive to them as adults.

The second reason to be concerned about standing water is that it can easily make significant structural damage to your home. 

Water is a key ingredient in the recipe of nature to rot. The interior finishes, subfloor and wooden objects stored decompose if left in a basement soggy. 

Of course, the day view, the best reason to remove excess water using a sump pump is that your basement will be unusable until the water drains away naturally after a storm.

Residential Plumbing Services: Sump Pump Spring Maintenance Tips