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One of the most frequent causes of leaky gut syndrome is a systemic yeast infection. Most of us are totally unaware that we are home to a wide spectrum or 'wee beasties and plants' within our bodies. 

Many of these are very important for our health and well-being; They help digest our food, produce vitamins, and keep members who are bad from the community in line. If you want to get more information about leaky gut treatment then you can serch avarious online sources.

Of itself, Candida yeast is neither good nor bad in our system, it simply exists in our bodies – the beneficial bacteria in our bodies keep the yeast suppressed.

Candida begins to become injurious when the natural flora in our intestines is upset. Antibiotics, especially those considered a broad spectrum, are one of the biggest factors in developing the leaky intestine because they will remove good bacteria, without leaving anything to suppress yeast. 

Not only antibiotics that can cause leakiness, KB pills, steroids such as prednisone, and even aspirin and other pain relievers can allow Candida yeast to grow too much. Keep in mind that you can develop a gut syndrome leaking without above if your diet is such that it provides a lot of food for yeast.

There are a number of prescription drugs that will help suppress fungal infections, some of them are safe and others that can cause serious damage to the liver.

Right Supplements Can Help to the Leaky Gut Treatment