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Have you ever thought about what goes into your favorite sausages? Have you ever worried about the quality of ingredients in those sausages that your family cannot get enough of? Whilst expensive butchers' sausages may only contain the very best ingredients, the cheaper mass-produced varieties may not.

The only way to ensure that your sausages are both delicious and nutritious is to make them yourself. If you are thinking that sausage making is some kind of mysterious butcher's art and well beyond the average cook, prepare to think again! Read on and discover why it is fun, easy, and satisfying to make your own sausages at home.

Before you begin to make sausages, you should give some thought to stuffing them into their casings. There are many types of sausage stuffing equipment on the market ranging from a sausage making machine with funnel attachments to large electric grinders. If you already have a mincing machine or meat grinder, check to see if there are attachments available for sausage stuffing.

You may find that these accessories will cost less than $10 if they are available for your machine. Before investing in equipment, however, it may be better to find a friendly butcher to help with your first batch of sausages. If you buy the meat and the casings from him and explain what you want to do, he may be willing to stuff your first batch for you after you have made the sausage meat to your recipe.

If he agrees and you had fun making the sausages and like the results then it would be prudent to invest in the proper equipment. Once you have the proper equipment or have brokered a deal with your friendly local butcher, it's time to start thinking about a recipe. There are so many varieties of sausages to choose from.

A basic recipe can then be adapted to produce many different types of sausages such as Lincolnshire sausages, pork and leek sausages, and Cumberland sausages. Then, when you have more confidence in experimenting with recipes, you can move on to create more exotic sausages.

Sausages – How to Make Them at Home