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Sectional doors are a type of door that is made up of two or more panels that are hinged at the top and can be opened separately. When closed, the sections form a continuous opening. This style is popular in both traditional and contemporary homes. Sectional doors can be used to create larger rooms by dividing them into separate sections. Take a look at this site for some of the best options available on sectional doors and help you decide which one is right for you.

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 Types of Sectional Doors

1. Sliding Doors: This type of door slides open on either side and is best for small spaces where space is limited. Sliding doors typically have a single track and can be difficult to operate, but they’re popular because they let in a lot of light and air.

2. French Doors: These doors have two panels that open independently from one another, giving you plenty of flexibility when deciding how wide the opening should be. French doors are typically wider than sliding doors, which means they can accommodate more furniture inside.

3. Half-Sun/Half-Moon Windows: These windows have a slanted window panel that opens separately on either side, letting in different amounts of light and air depending on the position of the sun or moon at the time. 

4. Double Doors: This type of door has two panels that open independently from one another, giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to how wide

     Installation and Finishing Tips for Sectional Doors

1. Measure your door and choose the right size of sectional door. Most sectional doors are sold in two sizes: small (28"x48") and medium (30"x60"). Make sure you choose the right size for your door opening. 

2. Disconnect your existing door hinges and remove the old hinges from the frame of your doorway. Be careful not to damage the paint or trim on your doorway as you remove the old hinges.

3. Clean all surfaces where the new sectional door will be attached using soap and water. Use a putty knife to smooth any rough edges or corners that may have been created by the manufacturing process.

4. Apply wood glue to each side of the doorway

Sectional Doors: The Future Of Home Automation