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Our body is made up of a system that will remove the harmful toxins and waste that accumulate in our body day by day. This is because our environment is polluted because of air pollution, food pollution, water pollution, etc. 

Our body cannot keep the waste management because of the overload of the waste and toxins. You can get more information about leading craniosacral practitioners via

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Craniosacral therapy

These footbaths are gentle and naturally remove waste through the reflex point in our feet. An ionic foot detox uses positive ions in the water which will help out to remove the negative ions from the body. 

The reason is that the water is charged with an electric current, that current reacts with the reflex points in the soles of our feet, and that reflex points are stimulated which will in result our body will naturally remove a sweat that contains the waste and toxins that have been added in our body over the years. 

Ionic foot detox

Now the ionic foot detox bath is a tub filled with water, into which a very low voltage electric current is transmitted. The water in the ionic bath will usually turn brown during the bath. 

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There are many reasons why a person chooses to purchase an ionic detox cleanser. Some of the reasons are liver detoxification, increased energy, reducing stress, pain relief, improving memory and sleep, improving wrinkles, and skin problems.

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