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If you live in a country that is subject to winter weather that ranges from mild to extreme you should ensure that they are wearing winter socks for every type of winter weather. 

Selecting the right winter sock will depend on the kind of winter footwear you wear. You can also find mens socks through online. For instance, men who wear boots should wear socks underneath to keep feet warm and well-insulated in their boots. 

Women who wear flat style winter boots should also wear cotton socks and nylons to protect their feet. And when they get to their destination, take off the socks made of cotton to give the feet to breathe.

Men who travel or spend time outdoors during winter also require some kind of foot-warming and this will depend on the kind of winter footwear. 

Overshoes or galoshes tend to consist of rubber and offer minimal or no protection from frostbite, and are better to be worn only in rainy conditions. Men’s suitable winter socks should be comprised of wool. 

They are worn over cotton socks that can absorb sweat but allow your feet to breathe. The wool layer on top of socks is removed when they have reached their destination, until the time they're ready to go and return.

It doesn't matter if you're either a male or female during the cold winter months being properly protected of your extremities must be secured to avoid frostbite.

Selecting The Right Winter Socks For Yourself