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Maintaining your timber home is very important. There is no reason why it shouldn't last for decades. But, just like all other buildings, homes are susceptible to natural elements. If they are left untreated they will not last long.

In this article, we are going to identify the common causes of damages for timber hones and we will go over the necessary precautions you must take in order to guarantee a good life span for your home. You can also look for timber frame construction in Australia.

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To begin with, when first building a timber home, it is important to choose quality timber. Treating the timber will also help in ensuring its longevity. Timber homes need to be treated by a professional who knows exactly what to use to take care of your home.

There are different types of chemicals that can be used to treat timber, one of which is Sodium Silicate. This is a great chemical to use not only to preserve the wood from the insects.

One of the main causes of damages for timber homes is insect attacks which makes the wood gradually rot. Insects love to make their homes in timber. Large timber structures are often warm inside making a perfect place for the insects.

Another problem is when water gets into your timber. As soon as the temperature drops, the water that seeped into your timber freezes. When this happens, it expands into ice causing the timber to split apart.

These types of precautions need to be undertaken when building a timber home. Untreated timber homes will not last long. Maintaining your timber home is a must.

Take Care Of Your Timber Frame Homes
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