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Aside from its lethal value and specs, the Oculus Quest 2 also doubles up as an Android VR Wi-Fi headset and PC VR headset. It has a new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor that packs more power than its predecessor, a 64GB hard drive, and six GB RAM.

Overall, these components make the quest two lenses the best VR headset available today. The biggest big issue is the Fb ecosystem being forced on all new homeowners in Quest 2. Hopefully, Fb will find an answer to the splitting of Fb and Oculus accounts once again in the long run.

Oculus has rounded up an incredible selection of VR video game exclusives to find exclusively on Quest. And when you install SideQuest VR, you download over 500 additional video games to try. 

An Oculus Hyperlink cable or digital desktop allows your gaming computer to power the hardware like any other PC VR headset. This means that all of Steam VR's or Oculus Rift's recreational offerings can be played with headphones.

Click here to purchase Quest 2 from an authorized retailer. Or use the hyperlink below to purchase it from Amazon International. Your genuine Amazon dealer and foreign money will be displayed when you click on the hyperlink.

The Best VR Headset In 2022