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The importance of choosing the right executive search firm should not be underestimated. Choose one and your organization might suffer costly delays in filling in an important position or burdened with new executive search & headhunting firms who were not suitable for the position.

The company's executives - Questions to Ask before Hiring One

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Every executive job search experience do you have?

Asking these questions will give you a good idea if the candidate search firm has established expertise in areas that are important to complete your quest. Of course, many examples they can share, the better.

How can my organization interface with your company?

It will also help to get a detailed account of the process and mechanism of your partnership. This should include a clear designation of roles and responsibilities, the appointment of a special project or hiring manager, build a project milestone, the submission of progress reports and schedule of meetings and consultations.

What is the expected timeline?

Of course, a detailed scope of responsibility is a guarantee attached to a time that works for both parties. The time-critical aspects of recruitment activities must balance your schedule and that company.

What are your fees?

You need to understand how the executive search firm will charge for this service. The retainer-based approach is often ideal as the cost can be spread over the project, although some companies are known to accommodate the fixed charge for specific projects.

Some Things to remember

The main thing to keep in mind when evaluating the candidate search firm is to be as clear as possible in explaining your need for the position, your expectations and the kind of involvement you can afford to contribute to the process.

The company’s executives – Questions to Ask before Hiring One