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The classic example is the development of stiff and inflamed neck and shoulder areas due to stress. We pollute our own bodies by creating toxic chemicals when we are stressed or have negative thoughts. Restoring posture is one way to prevent "disease".

This restorative posture is at the core of the yoga system called restorative yoga. This method was developed by one of the great masters of hatha yoga named Yangar. Her yoga style is intense and challenging. People can learn restorative yoga online from to relax the body muscles.

Some people who wanted to study with him and treat their ailments were too weak to handle his style of yoga. So he found an easy way for them to recover to the point where they could do yoga. When this pose is done regularly, the body recovers; hence the name recovery posture.

An easy way to do this pose is to put your feet on a chair and lie on your back. Your calves are on the chair, your knees are at a 90 degree angle and your back is on the floor. 

Resting in this position for five to ten minutes twice a day rejuvenates the body. With the legs raised, blood flows to the vital organs and nerves to bathe them with oxygen and nutrients.

The trick is to do it every day for weeks and months, and this simple gesture can have tremendous results in terms of our well-being and physical health. In the next section, we will discuss how to increase the strength of a calm posture for health, longevity, and stress patterns.

The Restorative Yoga Pose For Relaxation
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