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Studies show that around 15 percent of American women don't have maternity health insurance. If there are medical issues, that require medical treatment, the bills women have to pay can be crippling. What does maternity health insurance mean?

Health insurance plans that include an option for pregnancy are considered maternity insurance. For stress-free pregnancy, you can also take a maternity insurance policy at Trusted Union and get a free quote.

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The plans available with the maternity health insurance coverage include:

The plan is called an indemnity insurance plan however it is quite expensive since it lets you choose the hospital or doctor you prefer.

The least expensive plans are managed health plans (PPO, PO, HMO) that will provide your medical treatment to the hospitals of a network and doctors. They are the most affordable plans that are available.

What are the benefits of health insurance for pregnant women?

The insurance coverage will cover all your medical expenses related to pregnancy including hospital costs, doctor charges, and prescribed medications required during your pregnancy.

Does maternity health insurance cover specifically for pregnant women?

It's not offered by private companies if you're pregnant when you apply. However, there are some state-run coverages such as Medicaid health, that are designed specifically for families with lower incomes. It is possible to visit the state's website to determine if the state has a maternity program specifically for those with low incomes.

If you're not eligible for state-sponsored coverage for maternity and are expecting, you must contact the hospitals in your area and negotiate lower prices. Many hospitals will offer a discounted rate in exchange for paying the fees in cash.

Things You Should Learn About Maternity Insurance