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Assume you're a DIYer and think that ceiling fans make sense in your home. You have probably done your research on the benefits of ceiling fans. According to industry standards, a ceiling fan's cooling effect can make a room feel 7 degrees cooler than it is. Adjusting your thermostat accordingly can reduce your air conditioning-related energy costs by up to 35% to 45%. 

You're convinced that direct current ceiling rotors are a good idea. Next, you need to choose the brand, style, and other details. You're going to put your money into it. Do your research. Find out who the main players in ceiling fan manufacturing are and how long they have been doing it.

These are just a few tips to help you choose the right fan.

  • The room size will determine the width of the blade that you need. Blade spans can range from 29" to 56". A room with a 50-square-foot area will need a blade span of at least 29 inches. 
  • For the best air movement, ensure that the pitch of your blade is at least 14 degrees.
  • Many fans have lighting. When deciding whether to purchase a fan with lights, consider the space and the purpose of the room. Ceiling fans can often be modified to fit a specific model of lighting kit.
  • Make sure you get a ceiling fan with a reversible motor so it can be run in either direction. 
  • Heating and cooling in opposite directions.
  • Ceiling fans should be easy to use and provide years of enjoyment and comfort.
Tips On Buying A Ceiling Fan
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