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We all now understand the value and appeal of outdoor lighting for our homes. It is not the same as indoor or commercial lighting to light your outdoor space. For lighting installation, you can also browse the query ‘outside lighting around me’ online. 

These are the things you should remember before you install this lighting in your home.


There are two options for planning residential lighting. While some recommend that you complete all your work first before you plan for lighting, others suggest that you plan for outdoor lighting placements even before you have completed your landscapes and outdoor structures. You can do it either way, and your preferences will determine which plan you prefer.

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Reduce Changes to a Minimum

It would be a mistake to renovate an existing outdoor or landscaping project just to make room for garden lighting. Before you start your lighting project, it is important to plan your property and determine the best locations for your residential garden lighting.

Use Variety

Be creative. Do not settle for one set or one type of embedded light. You might consider using multiple outdoor lighting fixtures for your home. For example, driveways and paths can be lit by lamp posts.

Landscapes, shrubs, and focal objects can then be illuminated with spotlights, backlights, or uplights. For residential outdoor lighting, there are many options, including wall-mounted lights and table lamps.

Ask an expert

If you are not comfortable installing the lighting yourself, it is worth asking for help. Some people claim to be experts in residential outdoor lighting, but they simply refer to catalogs and then learn from experience. Installers who have a great reputation and have been installing residential lighting for a living for a while are the best.

Top Tips For Residential Outdoor Lighting