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You thought you were done with the tree when the chainsaw fell silent. Not so fast. You still have to deal with tree roots. Tree roots are a different animal altogether. Depending on the size of the tree or the reason for the removal, you may even need to seek professional help. 

The most obvious reason for removing tree roots is because there is a stump in your yard that serves as a reminder of the tree that once stood there. In fact, you may want to save the tree, but get rid of those annoying roots that are cracking your sidewalk or clogging drains. You can also look for the best tree root removal services via

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Some points regarding tree root removal services:

Remove tree roots after uprooting the tree

Removing tree roots can be a big problem, especially if it is a large tree. To remove tree roots that remain after felling a tree, you usually have three options:

  • Remove the roots yourself.

  • Treat the roots with chemicals.

  • Hire a professional stump killer.

Use a stump grinder to remove tree roots

In some cases, digging up tree roots can be difficult. Grinding stumps on logs is a tough job, but you can remove them quickly and even create fresh wood mulch in the process.

Hire a professional

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional arborist to have your stump removed. 

Tree Root Removal: A Short Guide