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You may not know that each foot is covered in around 250,000 sweat glands that constantly emit sweat, making your feet one of the sweatiest places on your body. Some have these more active sweat glands and you can see their feet and palm always wet. Some have a lot of foul smell, even which can be felt as soon as shoes are taken off.

All these drawbacks can be avoided by wearing socks together with shoes, as they absorb moisture in them. But choosing the right fabric for your socks is also important, as few may not absorb anything at all, resulting in a bad odor in your socks and on your feet. If you want to purchase the best sock of the month club visit

Merino Wool Socks

You can buy women's toe socks or any other type made from merino wool fiber. You will see that there is wide and extensive use of merino wool in the manufacture of socks for its fine fibers and without itching. It has pretty much replaced the itchy rag wool socks you used to have in the old days. The most significant advantage of merino wool socks is that they are thermostatic in nature and can control the temperature on your feet so that your feet can be comfortable even in the widest temperature range.

Silk and cotton material

You can also get a lot of silk and cotton toe socks for ladies and others on the market. Since silk is a natural material that acts as an insulator, it is widely used as a sock lining. In addition to absorbing moisture, it also provides a smooth texture on the skin. Although they are lightweight, they are not as durable as other fabrics. Cotton socks are on the market, but they are not seriously recommended as they absorb a lot of sweat and saturate very quickly.

Understanding Sock Material Is Important While Buying Men Toe Socks
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