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Walls are an important part of every residential building. The walls create the impression of space and give privacy to the interior. Wall decorations have a big influence on the interior of the house.

There are many ways to decorate walls. Depending on the location of the walls in your home, many subjects can be considered for the best effect. You can also look for room wall decor via

Most homes have several common areas necessary for a healthy lifestyle, such as the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, family room, and dining room. 

Depending on the size and area of the interior and floor plan will vary. If you want to decorate interior walls, that's important to first find out where the wall is located and what's the purpose of the room itself.

For example, the functions and activities carried out in a home theater room vary from the bedroom or living room, and also the theme of decoration. So wall decor ideas differ significantly from room to room. 

For example, if you were trying to decorate a child's room walls, you would be kind to make wall decorations that will inspire your child to learn new things. 

In such a situation decor a wall on which the child can write or paint a picture with chalk or a sketch pen is a great idea. You can even split the wall in half and use it as wallpaper in the form of a storyboard that will help children ask questions.

That way, decorating the walls becomes a work of explanation once you've broken down the entire exercise into functions and themes

Unique Wall Decorating Ideas!