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In Australia, a powerful compressor is essential for major tasks such as framing a house or stripping the paint off a car to apply for a candy paint job. For demanding, tough jobs, a powerful compressor is essential. Industrial Air compressors are able to do this with their range of heavy-duty machines.

Industrial Air's smallest air compressors are around 20 gallons in volume (the volume of their air tank). They can be made in either the standard upright or "vertical tanks" configuration. They also offer horizontal tanks, but they are primarily focused on upright models. These can reach as high as 77inches. For more information on industrial air, compressors visit

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The 120-gallon industrial air compressors from Industrial Air are the largest. They are resistant to long periods of grinding and sanding. This model was painted in the same glossy, sleek black the company has chosen as its "livery color". It is one of few horizontal models and is set up more like an outdoor propane tank, with the main machinery on top.

The machine can still be used in this small space because it is powered by electricity. The machine, along with the smaller 60-gallon and 80-gallon compressors, can produce up to 175 PSI at maximum pressure. However, 100 psi is the recommended operating pressure. The device can produce 30.2 cubic feet per hour at maximum psi.

In Australia, The Industrial Air compressors were designed to tackle the most difficult work and provide reliable, powerful air pressure for many years. They are strong enough to provide support in many work situations due to their robust design, flexible controls, and high-pressure output.

Using Industrial Air Compressors to Do Effective Work in Australia
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