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Osteopathy was developed in the second half of the nineteenth century by Missouri physician named Andrew Taylor Still. He founded that there is a direct relationship between musculo-skeletal system of the body and good health.

Osteopathy is known as a treatment for musculo-skeletal problems. There are various osteopaths like marlboroughhouseoftheraphy that provides an effective treatment for these musculo-skeletal problems. 

Complaints are very common with which patients come to an osteopath. These include back and neck pain, pain in the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot, slipped discs, repetitive-strain, sciatica, "frozen" or moving joints, etc.

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Some patients seeking osteopathic medicine after a specific injury may be sustained from going to work or playing sports etc.

Others came to help with conditions that have not been resolved by other types of practitioners, both medical or complementary. But osteopathy has a broader scope than just "aches and pains". 

Gentleness means treatment is useful in treating even the youngest children, pregnant women, the elderly people who want to avoid excessive drugs. It has been used very successfully in helping people with chronic asthma and arthritis. 

It is also effective in the treatment of gynecological problems and certain chronic-fatigue. In addition, because you will have more time with osteopaths than with doctors, there will be time for you to fully explain your situation to them.

Various Conditions That Can Be Treated By Osteopathy
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