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Wall cladding can be used to clad a house, but they are also ideal for home alterations like second-story additions, garages, extensions, and repairs to damaged cladding.

Since wall cladding in Central Coast comes in a wide range of Ultra Violet-protected colors, there is no need to go back and paint, making it ideal for hard to reach areas and low maintenance design.

It is lightweight so two people can comfortably install the product and make your house attractive. Wall Cladding’s lightweight design also contributes to faster build time and less need for structural support.

Some wall cladding also comes with a preinstalled insulation backing. This higher insulation reduces household heating and cooling bills, saving money and the overall environment. Wall cladding’s durability adds to its environmental credentials.

Wall Cladding also never requires painting, saving time and labor costs plus the environmental damage from continuous painting. You can go for years without maintaining, let alone replacing the cladding.

The cladding is very durable. It is not damaged by termites (the major problem with wood sidings) and other wood-boring pests and insects, there is no fading, and there is no chalking. All you need to do is occasionally clean the siding with a mixture of water and a mild detergent.

Vinyl Cladding In Central Coast