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Backups and clogged drains are common for many homeowners, especially if there are children in the house. Curiosity can get the best of youngsters, leading them to experiment with which toys flush and which don’t. 

Alternatively, your teenage daughter’s long hair might get tangled in the shower drain. No matter your plumbing problem, there are several ways you can help prevent issues. However, getting expert clogged drain cleaning services in Fremont, California on a yearly or quarterly basis would save you from having an irreparable drain and the high costs associated with it.


Toddlers see toilets as fascinating play pools, but they can pose a real danger to your little one. Not only can your toddler stuff the toilet full of un-flushable items, but they can also drown if left unsupervised. 

Keep both your plumbing and your toddler safe by installing toilet seat locks and a flush-lever lock. By limiting access to both the bowl and the flushing function, you can keep those curious little ones from creating plumbing issues.


If you’re constantly calling a plumber to come out and unclog your bathroom sink and shower, they may suggest that you invest in drain covers. Young children and teenagers tend to use too much soap and leave their hair in the tub, which can get stuck in the drains and cause large clogs. A drain cover will catch all the hair and make it easy for your kids to throw it away after their showers.


Having a plumber service your pipes on a regular basis is the best way to stay ahead of major repairs and damage caused by a foreign object. They can flush out your drains and pipes, make sure your septic tank and pump are functioning correctly, or just inspect the overall health of your system.


Ways To Prevent Kid- Related Plumbing Problems In Fremont