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If you are someone interested in supporting a nonprofit in your own way, getting a charity credit card may be best for you. your Donation Can Save Lives of animals.

With a charity card, you can support the charity of your choice at no additional cost while enjoying low-interest rates. All you need is to use your card when shopping, it's very easy.

Charities are an excellent way to help people with special needs and organizations working for charities. Somehow it gives you a sense of fulfillment because you can easily and regularly provide a lofty goal.

You may not be able to visit beneficiaries and participating staff in person, but charity credit cards allow you to make small donations which can be of great benefit.

Charity or affinity cards have been used by financial institutions for the benefit of nonprofits for the past 20 years. This type of card has a charity group logo but is philanthropic in nature.

Charity credit cards work by using a fraction of your purchase, balance transfer, or prepayment for charity. When using the card, a small portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. The typical donation rate is 0.25 percent.

These cards typically have an annual percentage (APR) of 15 to 22 percent. However, there are some that offer lower prices. Many have fewer annual fees and incentives than regular miles or credit card refund awards.

Various charity cards exist in the United States, most of which are operated by MBNA. Cards have different categories depending on choice – environment, animal, health, and gender.

However, the most popular is the American Express Red and RSPCA cards. American Express Red supports the fight against poverty and disease in Africa and contributes a maximum of 1.25 percent of your purchases.

What Are Charity Credit Cards?
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