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The importance of a properly functioning HVAC unit cannot be emphasized more than usual. It will define the comfort level especially during the very hot temperature like summer and in the cold temperature like chilly winter. Especially during the summer months when you desire a cool and refreshing home, the last thing you would ever want is your AC unit breaking down. 

Regular inspection and check on your AC unit's functioning can prevent any such emergency situations. With the right HVAC repair service, you can ensure regular servicing of your AC unit. Here are somethings that you should do immediately with a regular AC repair Homestead service; while there can be other tasks that you can leave for your annual AC maintenance.

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Immediate Steps to Maintain a Healthy HVAC unit

The undermentioned are some of the most basic and routine tasks that your HVAC repair service should offer you on a very regular and frequent basis. It is most ideal to hire a professional AC repair Homestead service to offer you a monthly or at best, bi-monthly AC inspection and maintenance schedule. Here is what you should be getting as your package –

Offer a High-Efficiency Filter as Replacement:

Air filters can have a significant impact on the performance of your AC unit. The new high-efficiency pleated air filters are equipped with an electrostatic charge. This works like a magnet in attracting even the tiniest dirt particles, even those that carry bacteria. This ensures that your AC unit will work efficiently, which will lower your utility bills as well. Only a good HVAC repair service will offer you high-efficiency filters for replacement.

Replace The Air Filters Every 60 Days:

While the AC repair Homestead service that you hire should inspect the air filters every month, they should be replaced every 60 days at best. In fact, if you have more people living in your home or if you have pets, your HVAC repair service should consider replacing the filters every month.

What Are The Steps To A Healthy HVAC System?
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