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In short, video recommendations are clips of customers praising a company. More often than not, they talk about how the company’s product or service helped them solve a problem. They can discuss who they are, how they use the product or service, and what they like about the company.

What makes a good video recommendation?

Effective video reviews aren’t just about high production value. This is only a small part. What you need most is a great story that creates an emotional connection between viewers and subscribers in recommendations. A good “customer testimonial videos”( which is also known as” vidéos de témoignages clients” in the French Language) needs to be high quality, professionally made, and well-edited. 

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You can have all the beautiful text and graphics you want with cinema-grade production quality, but if your clients don’t tell a compelling story, audiences won’t be interested.

Of course, the story also has to be believable, so it’s important to keep your recording sessions as calm and natural as possible. Many factors go into creating a great featured video, but the most important is a compelling story presented by a narrator who can be trusted and connected.

It’s easy to get caught up in distractions like b-rolls, music, and stats. And while they can be helpful, they are secondary to storytelling. 

The human brain is designed to evaluate conflict and problem-solving histories. By betting on this trend, your recommendations will catch people’s attention. There are plenty of other key ingredients to making solid video recommendations. But if you have a story, you’re on your way.

What is a Video Testimonial, Exactly?