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Bunions can be very painful sometimes when not taken care of properly. It is basically the enlargement of the inner portion of the joint at the base of the big toe. It is commonly seen mostly in women than in men.

Bunions can be caused by various factors such as wearing improper shoes, high heels, and tight shoes. If you want to get the best treatment of bunions then visit Family Podiatrist in Baltimore, MD or Diabetic Foot Care Services.


When you start feeling pain in the base of the foot then it may be either due to heel pain or other foot problems. But if it becomes severe and turns into a shape of chronic then it is giving you the signal to visit a podiatrist.

Bunions can be easily reduced by various means such as lower down the excessive walking, wear proper fitting shoes, soaking the feet in the warm water which gives maximum relaxation. Give your time to your feet on which the whole weight of the body stands.

No one wants to go for surgery so getting its treatment done in an effective way can be the only way. The best is to choose a podiatrist who can check your problem in a better way. One of the best is in Baltimore for treating all foot problems.

You can also go for some home remedies such as applying the ice on the affected area. Putting the footpad in the shoes when you go out. There are several ways to lessen the foot pain if you take care of it like your other body parts.

What is Bunion? How is it Treated in Baltimore?