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Folding paper by hand is time-consuming and takes time away from other projects that are more important. Many businesses use employees to manually folding paper for mailers, invoices and more. This is often referred to as “the fold.” The end result is usually a bunch of pieces of paper and folded paper skew.

The automatic folder, in the past, received a bad reputation because of congestion and complicated setup and operation. Modern paper folders have come a long way. Automatic paper folding machines save your precious time and effort in folding large sheets without any crease.

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They are more compact, easier to set and congestion is very few and far between. Finding the right paper folder may be more daunting than setting one. Folding machine is set into several categories, depending on volume, paper, and folding. Two of the most basic categories that feed and feed air friction folders.

The biggest factor between the two types of folders is the paper used. Friction feed paper folders do not handle well on glossy paper, but the folder feed air (pneumatic) paper did. They use rubber rollers to grasp and pull the paper into the machine to be folded. Most models can handle the friction force standard 20lb photocopy paper.

You will, however, should check to see whether you’re looking at the paper folder that can handle thick cardstock. Many machines can, but you’ll want to verify this before making a purchase.

What Kind Of Paper Folder Should You Use?