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Many experts suggest parents to ignore finger-sucking in infants of preschool age. But if your kid has a sucking habit around the age of 4, visit your doctor or your child's dentist. You can also visit for expert advice.

Babies who suck their thumbs or fingers may need treatment when they 

  • Continue sucking their thumb often or with great intensity around age 4 or older. 

  • Asking for help to quit.

  • Developing dental or speech problems as a result of sucking their thumbs.

  • Nuance embarrassed or teased or humiliated by others.

Easy Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking:

Most children stop thumb sucking with some home treatments. Home treatments include setting rules by parents and providing distractions.

This can help to limit the time and place that your baby is allowed to suck her/his thumb and to remove other items your child associates with thumb-sucking. 

Positive attention and offering praise for not thumb-sucking can also help your child to stop the habit. 

Do not shame, punish, or scold your child for thumb sucking habit. This will only reduce the self-esteem of your kid.

If home treatment does not work and you are worried or feel frustrated about the thumb sucking, talk with a pediatrician. Maybe there is another treatment option, such as behavioral therapy, thumb devices, or devices for the mouth.

When A Child Needs Treatment For Thumb Sucking?