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Wondering why a robust piece of content that you posted last month didn’t get any comments? And that new story on your Facebook page didn’t attract enough readers?

Well, we all know that content is the king and it’s the only currency in the world of internet. There is nothing new about it but my intent behind mentioning it here is to draw your attention to a point that despite being the king, it’s not very effective without a right content marketing strategy in place.

You must have noticed that content marketing is not a fad; it’s a hard core fact. The world has seen a major shift in online promotional paradigm. Content marketing has overtaken every other pattern. And it’s going to stay here.

So, why not to put dedicated efforts in order to hit the right chord, so that you not only get a return on your investment but also establish yourself as a brand that actually takes care of its customers; that’s actually concerned about their daily living.

So, if you don’t yet have a content marketing strategy, it’s time to build one. Because if you don’t have it, you’re not going to achieve anything substantial, no matter how much time and money you spend on it.

Here is what your content marketing plan should include:

1. A Deep Understanding of Your Goals

2. Understanding of Your Target Audience

3. Understanding of Content Channels

4. What Content Type You Need to Produce

5. Who Will Produce Content

But how are you going to measure it? Have a process in place and tools to measure the success of your campaign.

Why Content Is Not Very Effective Without a Content Marketing Strategy?