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After seeing hundreds of images from the online list and visiting some of the apartments, you will soon realize that the image can be very misleading.

No matter what kind of property – whether it is a premium bungalow or an apartment, a floor plan is often a better indication of the interior of the apartment than what sometimes images offer. You can also take a look at Ki Residences floor plans and prices via

And with the steep average price per square foot, you'll want the make sure that your apartment is laid out efficiently and effectively so that every inch is well used.

A floor plan allows buyers to understand the whole layout and flow of apartments in an instant. Here are some things to keep in mind when surveying the floor plan: Are the bedrooms next to each other? If you have a roommate, this may reduce privacy and noise.

Is almost equal-sized bedrooms? Again, if the situation roommate, someone will sacrifice space and may pay more or less in rent. How many windows there? Disadvantages window means a lack of light. What direction do they face?

Look at the key plan

Likewise, be careful about the things that the floor plans don’t say. Sometimes buildings include a key plan, showing the major architectural elements of each building to the ground. They represent the shaft lift, storage areas, plumbing, ventilation, and so on.

Why Floor Plans Are Important
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