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In the heat, you want an iced fruity shake. It didn't work when you tried to make ice. It could be that your ice maker is not working correctly. There may be many symptoms. This could be a sign that your ice maker isn't producing the right amount of ice. 

You could also find crushed ice instead of ice cubes. As soon as your ice maker is turned on, you will notice any problems, for fixing the problem you can hire the experts via

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It can be hard to repair or troubleshoot an icemaker. However, there are simple fixes you can do at home. 

Once you've identified the workings and causes of an icemaker it's time to find the root cause. Here is one possible sign and how to fix it.

The water passage could be blocked if your Ice Maker isn't making Ice. These are the steps to take to get your Ice Maker functioning.

Check the water supply line: If you don't see any ice maker making ice but can hear the arm moving and buzzing for about 10 seconds, the water valve may be asking for water that isn’t coming. While the solenoid and valve should be fine, the water supply might not. Make sure the water supply line isn’t kinked below the refrigerator to prevent kinks (1/4 inch copper tubing works better than plastic fill line).

Verify that the fill tube has not frozen: Check to make sure there is no obstruction around the mechanism. This could lead to the filling tube freezing. This is often a sign that the fill tube has frozen.

Why Ice Maker Is Not Making Ice?