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While essential oils may (and should) be used for occasional health problems, perhaps their most useful application is to maintain optimal health every day. Although there are differences from person to person in preference of use, it is generally accepted that oil use consistently is the key to get the desired results.

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Some industry insider’s aromatherapy can be expressed concern over the use of daily routine essential oils fears that oil is too strong to be used frequently. We find this belief to be unfounded when the oil is used safely. Combining essential oils into your everyday life and supporting your body with a natural and safe way with the following considerations:

Quality: As the leader of the world of essential oils, doTERRA seeks to ensure that only the highest quality oils are bottled for distribution. Using low-quality, altered, or synthetic essential oils dramatically increases the likelihood of sensitivity or reaction and reducing the effectiveness of the oil.

Dose: Just as you should not take more than the recommended dose of vitamins or minerals, essential oils are potent and very small doses is more than enough.

Age: children and the elderly will require special precautions when using essential oils. Their skin is usually more delicate and sensitive; in this case, the dilution corresponding modification or substitution of essential oils for powerful oil less can be made.

Why You Should Use Essential Oils Daily