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If you are looking for ways to increase your church membership, then you must first look closely at your youth Bible study as part of your Church membership retention plan. In this article, we will discuss how you can achieve this successfully. 

Many children find traditional Bible studies of young men to become tedious and filled lectures with unnecessary memorization. The action to go to Sunday school or Wednesday night church meetings has never been waiting for children. After all, who wants to spend more time at school?

The study of the Youth Bible became modern and away from strict traditional lessons used for years. Many church organizations slowly realize that children learn better by playing games and actively than children do when forced to sit in a chair. You can get to know about the bc and ad timeline at

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The churches slowly combine play activities and games based on Bible stories into their Bible study plans. The modern Bible study class is now memorable and fun for children. Many children want to go to church all for joy participating in their Bible study class. No longer children whine about having to go to church. They really look forward to Sunday. The congregation exploded with new families because their children wanted to take part in the Bible study lesson.

Church organizations can take advantage of this new love found for Bible studies by holding a summer camp to bring lessons longer. Filling a summer camp with lessons and great Bible-learning activities can increase membership by bringing new people into the church. Children can bring their friends to the summer camp and when friends have fun and want to go back, they will return with their family.

Youth Bible Studies- The Truth About Your Church Membership Retention Plan