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You now have a basic understanding of some terminologies used by experts to describe available protocols. Now you can learn more about the new protocols being used in the business world. There are hundreds of protocols available. It would take a lot of time to go through all of them. You can get more information about blockchain protocols via

The most important protocols are four major protocols used in Blockchain development services:

1. Hyperledger

Hyperledger is an open-source project that creates a set of tools to help enterprises deploy Blockchain technology quickly and efficiently. Because it includes libraries that speed up development, the protocol is often used in Blockchain software solutions. 

2. Multichain

Multichain was created to assist for-profit companies in creating private Blockchains. This will facilitate faster transactions and allow them to create new applications for the proof of work systems that Blockchain technology relies on. Multichain, a private company can provide an API that can be used for Blockchain development services to speed up integration and accelerate deployment. 

3. Enterprise Ethereum

Ethereum provides a version for business use that its software can be used in. Ethereum Enterprise aims to expand the use of Blockchain software development for business purposes. Businesses can quickly develop large-scale applications that exchange value with Ethereum Enterprise. 

4. Corda

Corda, a competitor to Multichain, offers a protocol that is tailored for businesses. Corda has been used to develop applications primarily in the banking and finance industry.

Corda technology can be used to create custom Blockchain solutions. Corda is an R3 bank consortium accredited company, making it a great choice for Blockchain development solutions within the finance industry.

4 Key Blockchain Protocols That You Must Know