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Once you’ve reached your traveling destination and decided to stay inside a hostel, now comes the important part. The important part is to stay inside the hostel by not breaking the rules of the hostel. If this is your first time traveling and staying in a hostel, then these are some of the rules you and your roommates should always follow.

Good Manners – When it comes to manners, these are some of them to mention.

a. Make sure that you keep your room clean and tidy.

b. Always close the doors slowly and gently.

c. Avoid staying naked in front of others.

d. Ask before taking other people’s items.

After all, if you wish to be treated with respect, you need to respect other travelers as well.

Be Good to Others – Leave behind your bad attitude at home. It is important to always smile while talking to others. Even if you are shy, make sure you speak to them with the right attitude.

Wash the Utensils – As hostels allow travelers to cook food, it is important to understand the meaning of washing every utensil after use. Since there are other travelers living inside the hostel, make sure you wash everything with soap and water after use.

No Lights While Others are Sleeping –When the lights are out, it is important to keep it that way till the next morning. If you wish to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or find a key, use the flashlight of your phone.

Make sure you follow these set of rules while living in Ao Nang Hostels.

Always Follow these Rules While Staying in a Hostel
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