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With the majority of people trying to make their kitchens more affordable in these uncertain economic times, we are living in It can be tempting to go for a simpler approach to food safety, however, you could be in a hospital or worse. 

These are some of the most important food safety guidelines that should be adhered to in order via to ensure that you're following food safety guidelines and ensure that the food you're eating is safe and nutritious.

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1. The dried and cured varieties of meats could conceal a myriad of bacteria. To ensure you are secure you may want to cook the meats in a microwave for a few minutes, and then allow them to cool completely before eating immediately.

2. Do not buy anything if you see cooked food sold in the same location as raw food.

3. Fresh fish should appear shiny and extremely firm, but not slipping off of the bones of the fish. In the same way, it shouldn't possess an unpleasant 'fishy' smell.

4. When purchasing chicken in a package Make sure that you buy one with a pink hue, not gray or yellow.

5. About a third of people are able to chill frozen poultry or meat on the counter of the kitchen in hot water under the sink as well as in an oven. Always defrost frozen meat in a refrigerator set to at or below 4 degrees Celsius.

6. Food safety also involves the preparation of food and not just cooking food. Be sure to ensure that your food preparation takes place on a dry and clean countertop. Also be sure that all dishes, pots, containers, wrappers, Tupperware coolers, bags, and lunch containers that be exposed to the food you're making are clean.


Basic Food Safety Tips Everyone Should Know
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