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Closed and open cell foam insulation are different from one another. For instance; bother offer different benefits from another based on the R-Value (this value is higher for closed cell foam). However, just based on the R-value, things can seem pretty confusing. So, if you’re wondering which one you should get it done, one thing is to ensure is to understand some of these differences between the two.

  1. Benefits of Open Cell Foam Insulation – Open cell foam insulation works best when it comes to reaching the areas of crannies and nooks of a house. Moreover, the ability to expand makes it more sense to be used which cannot be offered by closed cell foam insulation. This means, if soundproofing is what your house requires, then using open cell foam insulation makes much more sense. Additionally, open cell foam insulation is cheaper. But you need to know that this insulation type isn’t suitable to be used in very-high weather conditions.
  2. Benefits of Closed Cell Foam Insulation – If you require insulation on the wall especially in small-space area, then choosing the closed cell foam insulation is perfect. As mentioned earlier, the R-Value of closed cell foam insulation is on the higher side when compared to open cell foam insulation. Thanks to the higher R-Value, it makes more sense to be used in commercial houses which acts as a shield against vapor. Additionally, closed cell foam insulation helps in keeping the moisture and water from entering the house.

Apart from these two, there are more options when it comes to roof insulation in Brisbane.

Benefits of Closed and Open Cell Foam Insulation