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I recently bought a Bosch Cordless Drill. Knowing nothing about drills, cordless, or corded. I learned that years ago people routinely chose the corded drill over the cordless one for the reason — the cordless drill ran out of steam. In addition, it was heavy, the batteries were expensive and it didn't have near the power of a corded drill.

I was delighted when I learned that now, thanks to the Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion); this is no longer the case. Cordless drills are used today not only by homeowners but also by Home Improvement professionals, Woodworkers, and even on large construction sites. You can find the best cordless drill via

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The lithium-ion battery is light years ahead of the earlier batteries and considerably better than the Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) or the nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries which are still being used. These batteries are less expensive but the Li-ion batteries are far superior in three ways.

1. Li-ion Batteries are light-weight

A Lightweight battery reduces tool weight so the tool is more comfortable to use and enables you to work longer. My Bosch drill is only 2.2 lbs.; I can take it anywhere and work comfortably for as long as my project takes.

2. Li-ion Batteries last longer and charge quickly

 A Li-ion battery and a quick charger make it possible to work all day with a cordless drill without stopping. All you need is two batteries. Put one battery into a quick charger to charge while working with the other battery and repeat the process as long as need be.

3. Li-ion Batteries don't slow down before they stop

Remember how the old batteries would start to wind down before they quit totally? Well, the new Li-ion batteries don't do that. They have the same power when drilling the last screw as they did when drilling the first screw. That seemed amazing to me but I found it to be true.

Bosch Cordless Drill – Can a Cordless Drill Get the Job Done?