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When deciding to build a canopy, you need to take into account the large load that will be placed on the roof structure. A contributing factor to this is snow. 

If you plan carefully and design and build a solid structure of the truss frame roof via, the contents of your warehouse will be well protected and will last for many years.

The first step is to buy a good set of canopy plans. Then you need to check if the roof construction matches your building code in the area. If you believe you are free, contact your timber construction specialist for the roof truss you need for the shed roof.

The second step is to take the resulting roof roll and mark the top panel of the wall in the center every 22 inches with a pencil. Place the ties on the first mark and nail them in place. Do the same with the other ties.

For the third step, you will need to attach 4/7 in. Decking to hold the rolls together. This helps to maintain any possible roof loads. Install the paving, then cover it with asphalt and shingle roofing paper. 

Important tip What to remember is not to cover the barn on a windy day. Large planks can get caught in the wind and have your roof dismantled in no time. Get help from neighbors, family members, or skilled builders with roof truss and paving equipment.

Build a Shed Roof With These Three Easy Steps