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The debate about whether security cameras are really necessary continues because they have the potential to intrude on the privacy of others. It's true that not everyone likes the idea of being under camera surveillance, but hate and criminals have made the world what it is and no one can be blamed for taking the protection of their own facility seriously. 

It's not just commercial consumers who need to monitor their facilities. Homeowners make up a significant percentage of customers because they know the only way to protect their property is to install alarms and security cameras. However, if you as a homeowner or business owner looking to install a CCTV system at your place then you can also visit this link to buy one for you that fulfill your needs efficiently.

Borders CCTV camera upgrade 'not value for money' - BBC News

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To prevent crime:

Most video surveillance is used to prevent crime. The fact is, people get nervous when they see surveillance cameras, and more often than most, even a mannequin camera is enough to deter potential criticism of vandalism or on-the-spot robbery.

For traffic monitoring:

Video surveillance is designed to monitor traffic, monitor traffic jams, potential collisions, and traffic violations. Traffic accidents cause a large number of injuries and deaths worldwide. When motorists and pedestrians know activity is being monitored, they are less likely to inadvertently break the rules.

Some CCTV cameras can act as traffic control cameras to detect speed violations, detect license plates, and enforce traffic rules. A lot depends on where the cameras are placed, how well they work, and how effective the people watching the camera are.

CCTVs And Their Use In Different Applications
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