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Although London's streets are not covered in gold, sidewalks in most cities in Great Britain, including Borland, appear to be suffering from a deadly measles attack.

Next time you're in line or just walking past a shop window, roll your eyes and play a game of counting the amount of gum you can see. Yeah, all those black or white spots just contain the gum Joe Public spat. There are millions of them out there. You can find more information about chewing gum remover via total line marking.

Chewing Gum: Staining The Streets

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This specter grows exponentially as anti-smoking initiatives force people to change their habits. Older habits are hard to break, and like cigarette butts mindlessly thrown away, chewing gum is thrown away despite the pack's warnings.

The ongoing clean-up war against chewing gum is estimated to cost local authorities between £ 150 million and £ 200 million a year. Even so, the removal effectiveness is only visible for a few days.

This cost also does not take into account the disturbance caused by the use of steam cleaners, pressure washers, and the esoteric field of chemicals used to dissolve distortion dyes.

There was also the initially invisible damage caused by paving the block pavement and the expensive paving caused by "blowing" the sand between the blocks. This results in a loss of integral strength from the path, resulting in the collapse and movement of the beams themselves.

The answer could be the development of a new form of chewing gum polymer. It is said that this does not affect the chewing or "mouth structure" of the gum and does not require any change in the production process.

This last point is very important for the existence of any kind of perception by large international downstream producers and the need for affordability to make purchases at such speed.

Chewing Gum: Staining The Streets