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Why is it important to visit an optometrist? Regular eye exams will help to detect vision problems early, which will allow for easier and more successful treatment. Every doctor will conduct a thorough, professional eye examination.

The eye exam process involves many steps. A professional will review your medical history. It is a good time to discuss any current medical issues. An external doctor starts the exam. You can even consult the best eye specialist in Toronto via according to your problems.


The exam includes eye movement, visual acuity, pupil function, and visual acuity tests. The visual field test measures the patient's peripheral vision. This is done to determine if there are any signs of glaucoma. Glaucoma can cause blindness and can cause severe eye conditions. 

The eye doctor will "touch" your eye at this point. The numbing drops that are used to treat the eye will not cause any discomfort so you don't need to be concerned about it. Optomap retinal scanner is the latest technology to perform the retinal or macular exam. 

Doctors can see more clearly the structures of the eyes with the slit lamp inspection. Refraction testing is used to help the eye doctor prescribe corrective vision treatments. It is important to have your child's eyes examined for many reasons, especially in the early years of their development. 

Children need to have their eyes examined early in life. This is because they require the following skills: peripheral awareness, eye/hand coordination, near vision, distance vision skills, eye teaming skills (binocularity), eye movement skills, eye movement skills, focusing skills, and peripheral awareness. 

Unless a specific problem arises, eye specialists recommend that children have their first eye exam around 5-6 years old. Children are more capable of understanding why they are being examined and are better behaved by this age. This reduces the likelihood of children experiencing difficulty during an exam visit.

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