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As an alternative healing method, or as some people call a holistic technique, or strengthening the body and mind, crystal healers have been around for thousands of years. Using various patterns utilizing natural crystals, a crystal healer's work with the aura of a body helps it to heal it in some way, whether physical or emotional.

Sometimes referred to as gemstone therapy, the use of crystal healers is as widely varied as the gems that are employed in this technique.

Crystal healing therapist at know how to heal a mind and body by playing the crystals on areas on the body known as chakras. A chakra is a term that refers to the spiritual energy that is present in everyone.

With seven major chakras throughout the body, each chakra works together to form a person's energy and when that is out of alignment it can bring bad or negative energy to a person either in the mind or body.

The crystals redirect the negative energy and instead direct the flow of good energy back into the body which in turn brings back the balance that the chakras naturally have. Ultimately, crystal healers use these gems to heal medical ailments, emotional discrepancies, and spiritual misguidance.

This History of Crystal Healers

Crystal healers have been found in almost every culture throughout history from the Indian tribes to the Egyptian people. Although the actual originator of using crystals as physical and mental therapy is unknown, it has been proven that this technique has been practiced for centuries and is still being used today all around the world. Even King Tut's tomb was surrounded by jade amulets which are thought to guide the soul after death.

The Chinese culture still greatly believes in the use of crystal healers, especially with the use of jade and emerald which is thought to increase their memory and intelligence. In other cultures, crystal healers would use agate, lapis lazuli, all types of amulets, amethyst, and more to help with everything from sickness to stress.

The Benefits Crystal Healers Give to You

has a great number of benefits to help the spiritual nature of a person as well as mental and physical ailments. Some of the most powerful benefits to crystal healing are the use of crystal therapy for personal development as well as health and vitality.

Healers work with you to promote change within yourself and your mind and to heal many physical conditions when conventional medicine just doesn't seem to work or it needs to be combined with holistic practices in order to spur on the recovery.

Other ways that a crystal healer can benefit you is by relieving overall stress, anxiety, and depression, or just helping you to relax. It can help with menstrual problems, headaches, digestive problems, relief from pain, fatigue, memory loss, concentration and even learning difficulties. It has shown great results with relationships, wealth building, and personal self-fulfillment.

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