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Email archiving is a systematic method that helps to store the content of emails and messages so that they can be quickly retrieved at a later step if required. Organizations such as banks, government agencies, and big corporate offices need data permanence. These organizations may need to access the repository and generate older emails for various purposes. These organizations must have reliable email archiving solutions to facilitate email retrieval. 

Different types of email archives:

An email archiving solution on the basis of storage space 

Cloud-based email archiving:

If the corporate entity maintains the email server in the cloud instead of configuring the device locally, it is called cloud-based mail archiving. If the company maintains a cloud-based server and chooses to save the archive locally, some solutions also provide this way. 

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Generally, there are two types of email archives for operators or administrators. 

Archive function independent of the end-user.

It is the most common type of email file. The main examples of such files are mailbox servers, such as Office 365, IMAP, and Gmail.

Client email archiving. 

In this type of email file, the client sets the file during its extreme and archiving process. This is also the responsibility of the user organization. They usually use POP3 mailboxes or local email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbolt or MS Outlook. 

Why do you need email archiving? 

Business entities make use of email archiving to protect critical data, such as product and service data, protocol processes, and other customer-related data. Email archiving protects data from deliberate manipulation or accidental changes. You also need to ensure transparency and comply with record-keeping policies. Email archiving is also used by some corporate entities in the electronic discovery process. 

Email Archiving Keeps Track Of Your Emails: Things Need To Know About Email Archiving