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A learning management system is a software solution used by companies to organize and deliver learning opportunities. 

There are a lot of LMS vendors out there, so making a final decision often requires feedback from multiple stakeholders in the business. Before bidding on vendors, take a few steps to first establish a value proposition. These steps can help. You can find more information about LMS via On Path.

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1. Identify your learning needs

Speak with existing employees and leaders within the business to get an idea of what is lacking and the popular features that individuals are interested in. 

To create a strong business case for your LMS, be sure to also compile data from your current programs and use this information to define necessary data elements in a future LMS. 

2. Evaluate LMS vendors

With the ultimate goal of creating a shortlist of LMS vendors, you can start by browsing vendor websites and comparing their capabilities with the LMS requirements you previously defined. 

It’s also important to make a similar list of features you don’t want in an LMS. Ruling vendors out based on that knowledge will help you speed up the evaluation process and get to a list of 3-5 LMS suppliers. Read reviews from companies within similar industries and vet the LMS competition.

How to Choose an LMS?
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