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One of the major questions every inflatable party rental company asks themselves is if they should get insurance or not. There are many good reasons to get insurance and some reasons not (mainly the financial expense). This article will cover getting insurance and how helpful it can be for the success of your party rental service.

Since the inflatable party industry is one where safety is a major concern, and since I advocate safety and security, this article will lean towards why it is more beneficial to get insurance. Also, I will consider the customer’s perspective on why they should go with a company with insurance and the benefits of doing so.

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People looking to rent jumpers, bounce houses, or moonwalks (whatever you want to call them), should always consider the safety of the company they are renting from. Since children or teens can possibly get injured or hurt from playing or using inflatable products or games, parents or responsible adults should always look into the safety habits of a company and if they have insurance.

You do not want to have your child hurt from playing and then be stuck with the medical costs from it. By renting from a party rental company that is covered by insurance you are at least relieved from the financial burden caused by any potential injuries.

Acquiring insurance to cover your jumpers, bounce houses, water slides, slides, obstacle courses, inflatable combos, and interactive moonwalks will help in many ways to increase the business and outlook of your company. Customers, mainly repeat customers, are aware of the safety concerns of bounce houses and therefore will generally ask party companies if they have insurance themselves.

This can be where you gain or lose customers. Acquiring insurance can separate you from your competitors, making you stand out above the competition and having an incentive for customers to turn to you when renting inflatables or games. Being covered by insurance also relieves you of emotional stress or worries that can occur from injuries or damages to customers and properties.

Inflatable Party Rental Companies With Insurance