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Neutral Red Assay Kit is an efficient and effective method to detect between 5,000 and 50,000 cells per well in vitro Cytotoxicity Studies. As a positive control, it includes Doxorubicin. The neutral red cell cytotoxicity test is one of the most common methods to detect cell viability and drug cytotoxicity. This assay works by detecting viable cells through the uptake and detection of neutral red. 

The eurhodin dye neutral red stains viable cells' lysosomes. Viable cells can absorb neutral red by active transport and incorporate it into their lysosomes, but non-viable cells are unable to do so. You can now easily buy neutral red assay equipment online to detect cell viability.

Viable cells can be exposed to the dye after washing under acidified extracted conditions. You can use the amount of dye released to determine the number of viable cells and drug cytotoxicity. The neutral red uptake test provides a quantitative measure of the number viable cells. It can be measured at OD 540 nm.

The neutral red uptake test is a cell viability test that can be used to determine in vitro xenobiotic-induced Cytotoxicity. This assay measures the ability of living cells in order to bind and incorporate neutral red, a weak, cationic dye, into lysosomes. 

As such, cytotoxicity is expressed as a concentration-dependent reduction of the uptake of neutral red after exposure to the xenobiotic under investigation. This assay is used primarily for in vitro toxicology applications. This method has also been introduced in regulatory recommendations as part of 3T3-NRU-phototoxicity-assay.

Know About Neutral Red Assay Kit